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Recession Friendly Birthday Party

Sorry. Exercising alone won’t burn enough kilojoules to make you lose weight if you’ve constantly got your snout in the trough. Wolf down a double cheeseburger and chips (5100kJ) and you’ll have to walk briskly for four hours to burn them off. Four hours. Unless you cut back on kilojoules as well, there’s not enough time in your day to lose weight through exercise alone, so any extra weight won’t be waving goodbye.

If you have a child that has been diagnosed with diabetes, there are ways to make their birthday special. With a little preplanning a birthday party for a diabetic child can be lots of fun for everyone.

When the guests are leaving your child could hand out the favor box. And they should thank each guest again for their gift and for attending their party.

The best time to open gifts is at the end of the party while the children are eating their cake and ice cream. The guests gets to see what all the birthday gifts are, which is kind of nice for everyone. The giver of a gift usually likes to see her gift opened and hopefully appreciated.

The Junior Space Flight is available for children ages 7-9. Children climb aboard the USS Odyssey for a two and a half hour space adventure. At a cost of only 0 for up to 9 children, it’s a great downtime for Mom! Children ages 10 and up have a variety of different flights to choose from ranging from 2 hours to five hours long. Flights start at only for small groups of 5 children which makes this a bargain deal for Mom and dad! And, you aren’t required to stay with your children the entire time. Cameras inside the vessel as well as trained Alpine School District staff are present at all times. Grab a magazine, sit back and relax this year!

The truth is that high-starch foods, or complex carbohydrates, are an important source of ready-to-use fuel for your body. That’s why dieticians recommend that they make up 45 to 55 percent of your diet. However, as with all foods, if your kilojoule intake is in excess of what you require, the excess will be stored as fat.

First, it’s elitist. And, frankly, rude. Because we live in a country where we can have ANYTHING We want to eat, we have the luxury of picking our food path. Most of the world cannot say that. Most of the world would give its eyeteeth for what we throw Out. Most of the world would not dream of reading a label–just hand me the can opener! Our self-righteous rejection of this or that food–particularly when it is offered in a social situation–would be rude beyond belief anywhere but here.