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Girls Birthday Party Ideas (Ages 8-12)

Instead of giving sweets as party favors, give out little toys. Make the main focus of your party fun activities and no one will miss the fact that there aren’t an abundance of sweet snacks everywhere. Some fun activities include party games, crafts, scavenger hunts, or even playing outside. If you don’t want to plan these types of activities, host your child’s party at a skating rink or play park. The kids will be so busy, that a lack of snacks won’t bother them.

I remember when hydrogenated oils, even natural ones like palm and coconut oils, were sure to drop you in your tracks. Now everyone’s slurping up palm and coconut oils because some quack decided they’re good for you!

The Magic Tumble Bus is an on-wheels gymnasium that comes to you! Whether you’re a teacher planning an end of year party for your preschool or kindergarten class, or a parent looking to host an unique party for your child, this is it! The fun comes to you wherever you are. On board are trained coaches and staff to assist you during the party. On board the bus has ropes, balance beams, trampolines, slides, bars, a zip line and rings for your children to play on.

Hogwash. Starch doesn’t make you fat. Kilojoules do. Many high-starch foods – bread, rice, pasta, cereals, potatoes and beans – are actually low in fat and kilojoules. The killer is when your portion size is enough to feed a small herd of elephants, or when you slather it in high-fat, high-kilojoule toppings like butter, sour cream or mayonnaise.

Often emotional eaters do not realise what is going on because it is very socially acceptable to celebrate with food. We do a lot of eating in family gatherings, barbecues, lunches with friends, birthdays and holiday gatherings. We see cake and ice cream as rewards and eat these types of foods because we ‘deserve’ it, and we all have fond memories of special treats when we were children.

Again, the guest may not be thinking about wine until you suggest it. And they may all be red wine drinkers and so might say, “No, we would prefer two bottles of red.” You just boosted your check by two bottles of wine. When you bring the wine, pour for them. This not only provides excellent service but also lets you know when the bottle is empty. When you pour the last glass, offer to bring another bottle.

I take a page from Tony Bourdain’s playbook when it comes to dining with others: you graciously accept what is offered to you by your gracious host. You eat 99.9% of your meals at home anyway, so be a good, honored guest. Add to the love and frivolity of the table. It won’t kill you. Really. Go home and live on nuts and berries the rest of the time. It’s okay. But, please, manners, huh?

Oh, we’ve got omnivores. Sort of. I’m part of that group, though even among omnivores there’s still the organic-only bunch, the no-GMO, no-HFC, no-sugar/white flour bunch; and the no-beef-or-pork-or-lamb-but-chicken-and-fish-are-consumable bunch. Hmmm.