Diet Tips That Will Ensure You Lose Ten Pounds Of Fat In No Time

As your child’s party approaches, make sure that they are eating carefully and doing everything they can to keep their blood sugar levels in check. The excitement of the day can change their appetite and not eating can wreak havoc on blood sugar. Make sure that on the day of the party, your child eats a good breakfast and has a snack before everyone arrives. Make sure that they are well rested the night before their party and if at all possible, have your child take a short rest or nap the day of their party.

Where I live, the first thing you MUST ask a new guest to your dinner table is, “Do you have any particular diet you follow?” Anywhere else in the world, a guest would be polite enough (and usually hungry enough) to eat whatever is set in front of him or her. Yes, I do want to know if you’re diabetic or allergic. I am happy to accommodate actual, physical problems. But anymore I could give a DAMN about being dictated to about your FREE Choice.

I take a page from Tony Bourdain’s playbook when it comes to dining with others: you graciously accept what is offered to you by your gracious host. You eat 99.9% of your meals at home anyway, so be a good, honored guest. Add to the love and frivolity of the table. It won’t kill you. Really. Go home and live on nuts and berries the rest of the time. It’s okay. But, please, manners, huh?

A game truck birthday party is when you hire the owner of a game truck in your area to arrive at your home for 1 to 2 hours to host your kid’s birthday celebration inside the truck. Most trucks sit between 14 to 20 kids and have up to 5 TV screens. Every video game imaginable is included for each of the main game consoles, Xbox, Wii and PS3. The kids can all play the same game or all play separately. No matter what they decide, it’s the fastest 2 hours of their lives, I assure you. What a lucrative business for the game truck owner, if he can find birthday parties to host, that is.

These are obvious, everyone everywhere celebrates when two young people (or old, you know, no one’s judging) unite, and sometimes we wonder why we did so. At the time we hope for the best, and hopefully, it’s a continual celebration of an united family until death do them part.

Kids are usually on the move, especially when the sugar from the cake and ice cream kick in. Be prepared to capture the moment quickly. Waiting too long to get the shot will ruin a good candid and can even make antsy kids run when they see you coming!

A related myth is that nuts are packed with fat, so should be avoided by anyone trying to lose weight. The truth is that nuts, in small amounts, can be part of a healthy weight-loss program because they contain unsaturated fats, which don’t clog your arteries. Portion size is crucial, however, so don’t devour a kilogram of roasted cashews on automatic pilot while watching the game on a Saturday afternoon. If you can’t stop at a handful, rather sprinkle nuts over salads or put them in stir-fries. And unsalted nuts are healthier and less more-ish.