Making Friends With A Justin Bieber Theme Party

The beginning of the end for my food hysteria came when I looked into the face of my newborn son and realized that if I had MY way, he would never know the joy of an A&W root beer float. Why that particular treat, I have no idea. I had spent the previous 8 years on the food hysteria bandwagon. Then, in one moment of clarity, I said to hell with it. ALL!!

If you’re using film, be sure you have more than enough so you don’t have to run out to the store in the middle of the action. Check and replace batteries if necessary. If your camera requires it, set it to match the ISO on the film.

When you clear the main course, offer desert, coffee and cordials. Again, be specific by describing your favorite desert briefly but in detail. Also, know your audience. If your guests are a family with small children, desert is almost a guaranteed sell and the parents may enjoy an after-dinner cordial, glass of wine or coffee while the kids destroy the cake and ice cream. Again, knowledge of your bar items is a must because if somebody asks for a glass of port or a liqueur such as Sambuca, you should know whether or not your restaurant carries it. Also, you can’t recommend it if you don’t know that you have it!

Other types of small, inexpensive toys that can be included in the party cracker are small toy cars, costume jewelry, plastic maze games, kazoos, stickers, and high bouncer balls. You can also include fun stationary items like shaped erasers and pencil sharpeners.

A garden party held at night will benefit from the use of glowsticks and glowsticks products. Those occasional games of night tag are a lot easier and safer if the players each have a glowstick for guidance. You can also plug together longer glow necklaces and string them along the outdoor furniture. The red and blue glowsticks make a fun alternative to sparklers during the Independence Day celebration.

Nothing flattens a kid’s party faster than games that are too old or too young for the party-goers. Keep your party games age appropriate. This is easily accomplished by letting your child select a few games they like. Be sure to include a few games appropriate for both girls and boys or create different versions for boys and girls separately, and then pit the two teams against each other for a special prize.

Some children open their birthday gift as soon as their guest arrives and hands the gift to them. Sometimes opening gifts is the first activity. Both of these methods are placing too much attention on the gift and not on the guest.