Weight Loss Fast: 10 Strategies To Stop Emotional Eating

Write a press release–and send it to your trade journals and local newspapers. Your small business may not get rebranding coverage in the Wall Street Journal, but your local newspaper will be likely to run at least a blurb about the change. You may even catch a journalist’s eye and get a longer write-up.

Finally, you need to design all the supporting materials you market your business with. That means designing and printing stationery, creating a website, updating your HTML newsletter template, changing your brochures. The list goes on and on.

Some children open their birthday gift as soon as their guest arrives and hands the gift to them. Sometimes opening gifts is the first activity. Both of these methods are placing too much attention on the gift and not on the guest.

Awareness that you are eating because you are stressed or sad or angry is the first step. You need to retrain your behaviour and relationship with food. If you learn to eat mostly because you are hungry or you want to meet your nutritional needs you will lose weight quickly and easily.

Find other rewards. Instead of rewarding yourself with food, plan something nice to do for yourself each day. You might enjoy the food in the moment but afterwards you are likely to feel regret. It is better to make time throughout the day to do things you enjoy because you deserve it. It might be just to sit and read a book, take a bath, get a pedicure, watch tv or go to the movies. Relax and enjoy.

Kids are usually on the move, especially when the sugar from the cake and ice cream kick in. Be prepared to capture the moment quickly. Waiting too long to get the shot will ruin a good candid and can even make antsy kids run when they see you coming!

Sorry. Exercising alone won’t burn enough kilojoules to make you lose weight if you’ve constantly got your snout in the trough. Wolf down a double cheeseburger and chips (5100kJ) and you’ll have to walk briskly for four hours to burn them off. Four hours. Unless you cut back on kilojoules as well, there’s not enough time in your day to lose weight through exercise alone, so any extra weight won’t be waving goodbye.

Exercise is also extremely important in weight loss (and maintenance). You don’t have to work out until you drop, but you do need some sort of physical activity. Put together a program of aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises that you can do easily. Take some walks or ride a bicycle.