Work Hard, Party Harder

The Junior Space Flight is available for children ages 7-9. Children climb aboard the USS Odyssey for a two-and-a-half-hour space adventure. At a cost of only 0 for up to 9 children, it’s a great downtime for Mom! Children ages 10 and up have a variety of different flights to choose from ranging from 2 hours to five hours long. Flights start at only for small groups of 5 children which makes this a bargain deal for Mom and dad! And, you aren’t required to stay with your children the entire time. Cameras inside the vessel as well as trained Alpine School District staff are always present. Grab a magazine, sit back and relax this year!

Get some protein in your diet. Calories from protein are burnt off much faster than calories from fat or carbs. It also helps your body grow big muscles. It is no wonder bodybuilders must eat large amounts of protein. Some great sources include lean beef, chicken, salmon, milk, and peanut butter.

And finally, research has shown that when people say “No,” 50 percent of them do not understand what you are offering, and the other half are having trouble deciding.

A better program for weight loss would be to commit to a change to a healthier lifestyle. It’s not as easy as taking a pill but the weight you lose is more likely to stay lost. You should educate yourself in nutrition and the foods that are higher in vitamins, minerals and fiber and lower in calories. Do you eat white bread? Substitute whole wheat bread for it. Start eating fresh fruit instead of cake and ice cream. Just making a few changes like these can work wonders.

You need one sheet of tissue paper and one cardboard toilet paper roll for each cracker. Begin by laying the one sheet of tissue paper out on a flat surface such as a table. Then, fold the sheet of tissue paper in half. Carefully cut down the fold with a sharp scissor so you have two identical pieces of tissue paper.

Remind your child what a gift means and represents. Someone took their time to find a gift they thought was special and that you would like. So, if you have the same toy or you hate the gift, just say thank you. You don’t want to hunt your friends’ feelings by saying anything else.

Nothing flattens a kid’s party faster than games that are too old or too young for the party-goers. Keep your party games age appropriate. This is easily accomplished by letting your child select a few games they like. Be sure to include a few games appropriate for both girls and boys or create different versions for boys and girls separately, and then pit the two teams against each other for a special prize.

Girls of any age love to be pampered and to look good. A trend among the ten to thirteen-year-old age is to have a party at a local hair salon or spa. They spend the afternoon getting manicures, pedicures, facials and a new hair style. These are easy to plan. Simply give your local hair salon, a small local owned one works best, a call and take it from there. Then spend the rest of the day shopping at the mall and showing off the new look.